SUPER SOUND SET Expansion Board (SR-JV80-07)

The Super Sound Set consits of 255 waveforms and 255 patches. Nearly all of the waveforms, patches and rhythm sets found in Roland's highly acclaimed SO-PCM Card Series have been included on the SR-JV80-07 Expansion Board.

This expansion board includes an impressive variety of sounds from several different genres of music. It even includes sounds derived from playing techniques associated with particular instruments.

There is a large collection of popular sounds like piano, guitar, brass and drums. It also contains sounds characteristic of Baroque music such as harpsicord and pipe organ. For the true flavor of traditional music, the Super Sound Set provides accordion, fiddle and banjo sounds. And for more technical performance, distinctive playing techniques, which are extremely difficult to reproduce on a synthesiser, such as string tremolo and harp scroll, are available.

Click here to see the list of the waveforms and patches on the SUPER SOUND SET Expansion Board