SESSION Expansion Board (SR-JV80-09)

The Session Expansion board contains 89 truly superior waveforms. This board features a collection of newly developed waveforms including a variety of "true stereo" grand piano samples. These carefully collected samples were taken from some of the most prized pianos in the world and recorded with painstaking care. This results in some truly superb piano sounds. Other new sounds include striking multi-sampled brass and strings tones, as well as an assortment of vintage keyboard and pop-oriented sounds. The concept of the "Session" board is to provide the best versions of essential sounds rather than compromised versions of many sounds.

The Session Expansion Board will take your Roland expandable synthesizer to the next level and it is the perfect complement to any of the other SR-JV80 Series expansion boards.

Click here to see the list of the waveforms and patches on the SESSION Expansion Board