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Who's The Prodigy

Ever heard of The Prodigy?, the most famous rave group of the north of Europe, starting to be liked in the south and well implanted in the USA? It's time you get to know them...
Born in England in the early 90's (~1991), The Prodigy brought out their first album Experience in 1993 and with it a new movement : breakbeat. Music for the Jilted Generation is their second album, available since summer '94. Their third album, The Fat of the Land, is available since '97.

Breakbeat is the precursor of Jungle. It's a kind of repeated rapid uncontiunous rythm, overstact with melodies, bassline and drums. Personnaly, I think that breakbeat gives a nice social athmospher in the place. The way you dance it creates a sort of link between you and the other dancers. On the opposit, hardcore is very personnal.

There are four artists in the group : two dancers, one discjockey and an MC.

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