V1.00  01-AUG-'92  First release of EDIR.
                        Recognizes : PCX, MIF, GIF, ILBM/IFF, EPSF,
                        WP, BMP, EXE.

            02-AUG-'92  Added : LZEXE, TIFF, ARJ, PKZIP, PAK/ARC,
                        LZH, GRP, RIFF Wave.

     V1.06  07-AUG-'92  Straightened the code out a bit and added
                        a very simple help screen (EDIR /?).

            09-AUG-'92  Small bug in PCX file recognition corrected
                        (16 colors PCX file was seen as 256 colors
                        PCX file).

            19-AUG-'92  Added SB .VOC files.

     V1.07  30-AUG-'92  The "could not EDIR another sub-dir in a
                        sub-dir" bug fixed.

            03-SEP-'92  Added JPEG recognition.

            05-SEP-'92  Added Windows RLE & DrHalo PAL recognition.
                        Added PCX and ILBM/IFF resolution and
                        colors info, IFF Anim (and info) and
                        Fixed problem with finding files like *.XXX
                        or something like this.

     V1.10  08-SEP-'92  Added /P (Pause after page) option.
                        Fixed problem with reading file like
                        XXXXXXXX.* or something like this.

            09-SEP-'92  Added an Turbo C routine for calculating
                        the X and Y coords for GIF pictures.
                        Added .BGI and .CHR recognition.

            21-SEP-'92  Added Executable Fonts from Michael J.
                        Mefford's FontEdit.

            25-SEP-'92  Added "version need to extract" for .ZIP

     V1.14  02-OCT-'92  Added FLIC animation from Autodesk Animator
                        with frame info.

            04-OCT-'92  Added AutoCAD DWG files.

            25-OCT-'92  Added Microsoft Publisher files.

            30-OCT-'92  Added JPEG JFIF standard.
                        Changed PCX recognition.

            31-OCT-'92  Added ROL files.

            10-NOV-'92  Added TPU files.

     V1.15  14-NOV-'92  Fixed problems with *.* and HELP92??.TXT
                        and so on. Rewrote the 'search-directory'
                        part of the program.
                        Fixed GIFXXX color problem.

            30-NOV-'92  Added non-expanded Microsoft compressed
                        file recognition.

     V1.16  02-DEC-'92  Added Colorsyntax (/C option). Some files
                        can now easily recognized by their color.
                        The Colorsyntax checks only the extension
                        of a file.

     V1.17  06-JAN-'93  Added subdirectories search (/S option).
                        Added File attribute display and volume

     V1.18  07-JAN-'93  Added Quick option (/Q).
                        Fixed some little bugs.
                        Changed Month display in '01' instead of

            09-JAN-'93  Fixed Read-only bug.
                        Changed "Press [ENTER]" to "Press any key".

            16-JAN-'93  Added CMF, MID and ORG file recognition.

     V1.19  31-JAN-'93  Added /Y American-style date display.
                        Displays volume name without that stupid dot.

            28-FEB-'93  Added HPACK, HYPER and SQZ archive recognition.

            02-MRT-'93  Added ADEX, Erdas and Jovian IV image formats
                        and optimized some routines.

            16-MRT-'93  Added some new OS fields to ARJ recognition.

     V1.21  23-APR-'93  Added MPEG recognition and registration key

            24-APR-'93  Final fix for registration functions.

            27-MAY-'93  Added the options to the doc file.

            20-JUN-'93  Added DIET compressed EXEs recognition.

     V1.22  31-JUL-'93  Added .WRK and .MTS recognition and more
                        MIDI and MIF info.

            30-AUG-'93  Added Imagine Raytrace IFF picture, newer
                        EPSF versions and IFF 16.7M colors

            01-SEP-'93  Added AR7 archive recognition.

            02-SEP-'93  Added Autologic and Sun Raster files

     V1.23  03-SEP-'93  Added Alpha BMP, Silicon Graphics and
                        ColorRIX file recognition.
                        I made the Read-Ahead buffer bigger.

            10-SEP-'93  Added AVI recognition.

            08-OCT-'93  Added LHWARP Disk-Image recognition.

            09-OCT-'93  Added RTF, MS Word, WordStar and DiskDupe
                        file recognition. Added more WP info.

     V1.24  10-OCT-'93  Added Heuristic scan.

            30-NOV-'93  Added more PCB Dir information.

            04-DEC-'93  Added AMF recogition.

     V1.25  14-DEC-'93  Added ARJ archive version recognition.
                        Notice : archives created with ARJ 2.10,
                        2.20, 2.21 and 2.22 are recognized as
                        ARJ 2.00 archives!

            29-DEC-'93  Added GWSWIN Thumbnail recognition.

            03-JAN-'94  Added Windows .EXE recognition.

     V1.26  04-JAN-'94  Added QuickTime files and System device
                        driver (.SYS) recognition.
                        Added environment variable.

     V1.27  08-FEB-'94  Added MultiTracker Module (MTM) and .669
                        module recognition. Added auto date format

            02-MRT-'94  Added more JPEG information.

     V1.28  05-MRT-'94  Added more WP information and ARJ & LHA SFX.

     V1.29  15-MRT-'94  Added C64S tape file and HAP archive
                        Added new option (/O) to redirect output.
                        Fixed some small 'BEAUTY' bugs.

            23-MRT-'94  Added .VOC KHZ information and REGISTER.NL

            02-APR-'94  Changed maximum dir size from 512 to 1024.

     V1.30  02-MAY-'94  Added Internet Email address.

            13-MAY-'94  Changed detection JPEG routine.

            21-MAY-'94  Added more .WPG information.

     V1.31  25-MAY-'94  Changed PAK/ARC and JPEG detection. Added MPEG
                        resolution information and True Type font

     V1.32  23-JUN-'94  Added more .WAV information, Norton Guide,
                        UltraCompressor, S3M, STM, STS & MOD
                        Straightened the code out a bit.

            08-JUL-'94  Added beter MPEG recognition.

            14-JUL-'94  Corrected some recognition problems.

     V1.33  18-JUL-'94  Added ADPCM, PBM, PPM and PGM recognition.

            29-JUL-'94  Fixed 'Error reading file' bug.

     V1.34  30-JUL-'94  Added IMG, WKS, WK1, WQ1 and WAD recognition.

     V1.35  08-SEP-'94  Removed /C (color-syntax) and /O (output)
                        option. EDIR now uses standard DOS redirectable
                        output (EDIR > TEST.TXT).
                        Added more Hyper information, RAR and TGA

     V1.36  17-SEP-'94  Added .KFX, .MSP, .CAL, .WMF, .DRW and .DXF

            25-SEP-'94  Added PKZIP & RAR SFX, PGMPAK .EXE and
                        Crush archive recognition.

            23-OKT-'94  Fixed some bugs and added ProPack, Stirling,
                        .AU and .TD0 recognition.

            02-JAN-'95  Added Extended Module format recognition.

            21-JAN-'95  Added NU Diskreet encrypted file recognition.

     V1.37  25-FEB-'95  Added HD-Copy disk image and NLM recognition.
                        Fixed some recognition problems.

            25-APR-'95  Added Quantum archive recognition.

     V1.38  03-Jun-'95  New Internet Email address & WWW Home Page.

     V1.50  05-Jun-'95  New sorting routines with more options and
                        better attribute handling routines.
                        Word 6.0 and Excel 5.0 file recognition.

            20-Sep-'95  Added PNG recognition.

     V1.51  08-Oct-'95  Straightened the code out a bit.