File Formats

     Extension  Remarks
     ---------  ---------------------------------------------------
     669        669 Sound Module file
     ABM        DeLuxePaint Animation brush
     'ADEX'     ADEX ChromaGraph graphics cards image file
     ADP        ADPCM compressed audio file
     AMF        AMF Sound Module file
     ANM        DeLuxePaint Animation file
     'AR7'      AR7s E-Mailable archive
     ARC        ARC archive file
     ARJ        ARJ archive file
     AU         Audio data file
     AVI        Audio/Video file (Video for Windows)
     BGI        Borland/Binary Graphic Interface file
     BMP        Windows and OS/2 BitMapped pictures
     BMP        Alpha BMP picture
     CHR        Borland Character file
     CMF        Creative Music File (Sound Blaster)
     DDI        DiskDupe Image file
     DIR        PCBackup directory file
     DRW        MicroGrafx Draw file
     DWG        Autodesk AutoCAD .DWG file
     DXF        Autodesk AutoCAD .DXF file
     'EPSF'     Encapsulated PostScript File
     EXE        Executable files
                LZEXE compressed executables
                PKLITE compressed executables
                DIET compressed executables
                PGMPAK compressed executables
                STIRLING compressed executables
                PROPACK compressed executables
                ARJ, LHA, PKZIP and RAR SFX archives
                Windows executable files
     FLI        Autodesk Animator FLI animation
     GIF        Graphics Interchange Format picture
     GIS        Erdas image file
     GM         Autologic image file
     GRP        Windows Group file
     HAP        HAP archive file
     HLP        Windows help file
                Norton Guide help file
     HPK        HPACK archive file
     HYP        HYPER archive file
     IFF        Interchange File Format
     IMG        GEM Image file
     JPG        JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
     KFX        Kofax file
     LAN        Erdas image file
     LBM        ILBM InterLeaved BitMap
     LHW        LHWARP compressed disk-image file
     LZH        LZH archive file
     MID        MIDI music file
     MIF        MAWEK Image Format (pictures/sound/text/animations)
     MOD        Music Module file
     MOV        QuickTime movie file
     MPG        MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
     MSP        MS Paint file
     MTM        Multi Tracker Module file
     MTS        MTS music file
     NLM        NetWare Loadable Module
     ORG        Organ data file (Sound Blaster)
     PAK        PAK archive file
     PAL        DrHalo palette file
     PCD        PhotoCD picture
     PCK        MAWEK PACK archive file
     PCX        PC Paintbrush picture
     PNG        Portable Network Graphics picture
     PUB        Microsoft Publisher file
     QT         Quick Time movie
     RAR        RAR archive file
     RAS        Sun Raster file
     RIF        RIFF Reversed IFF format
     RLE        Windows RLE picture
     RNC        ProPack archive file
     ROL        ROL music file
     RTF        Rich Text Format file
     S3M        Scream Tracker 3 Music file
     SBK        Emu SoundFont Bank (AWE32) file
     SCX        ColorRIX file
     SGI        Silicon Graphics Image
     SNG        Voyetra music file
     SQZ        Squeeze It! archive file
     STM        Scream Tracker Music file
     STS        Scream Tracker Song file
     SYS        System Device Driver
     T64        C64 Emulator tape file
     TD0        TeleDisk disk image
     TGA        Targa picture
     TIF        TIFF Tagged Image File Format
     TPU        Turbo Pascal Unit
     TTF        True Type Font file
     UC2        UltraCompressor II archive file
     VI         Jovian VI image file
     VOC        Sound Sample
     'WP'       WordPerfect file
     WAD        DOOM .WAD file
     WKS        Lotus/Symphony Worksheet file
     WK1        Lotus/Symphony .WK1 file
     WMF        Windows Metafile
     WQ1        Quattro .WQ1 file
     WRI        MS Write text file
     WRK        CakeWalk music file
     ZIP        PKZIP archive file
Extensions between quotes are not the 'real' extensions. Notice that EDIR doesn't look at the extension at all to identify a file, it examines the file.